Endlichkeit – An Exhibition at Swinton Park

I am pleased to announce the opening of my new exhibition in association with the Swinton Foundation and the New Lights prize: Endlichkeit – Finiteness.  Endlichkeit

The exhibition brings together a series of paintings and prints, and can be seen in the newly created exhibition space at the Swinton Park Hotel, Masham until June 2014.

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The paintings explore the way in which the past seems to solidify around us and how things change over a particular period of time. They are concerned with memory, place and power relationships – informed by my recollections of travel across Germany, Austria and Slovakia.


I am currently exploring new methods of mark making; integrating the immediacy of free hand sketching and painting with methodical, ‘mechanised’ systems that incorporate collage and printmaking processes. More information can be found on my new website which is being constantly updated http://christopherhallart.co.uk.

Do go along if you are in the vicinity. Swinton Park is beautiful: it truly has to be seen to be believed (and they do a fantastic afternoon tea!). More information on the exhibition including directions to Swinton Park, the Swinton Foundation and the New Lights prize, can be found here.


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Visual Artist and Filmmaker
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