New Lights Swinton Foundation Award

Having been shortlisted for the New Lights Art Prize 2013 I am pleased to announce that after final judging on 20th September I was awarded the Swinton Foundation Prize! More


The judging panel for the 2013 prize included Royal Academician Sir Norman Ackroyd, Mercer Gallery curator Jane Sellars and writer and gallery proprietor Chris Wadsworth. The exhibition opened to the public on Saturday at the Mercer Gallery in Harrogate, and will run until the 17th November, before moving on early in the new year to the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle.

The awards were announced by the Chief Executive of New Lights Annette Petchey at a packed opening on Friday night. New Lights is a charity established in 2010, which supports emerging artists who were born or are living in the North of England aged between 23-35. Of the 298 entries received, 50 works were shortlisted; the final exhibition showcases the work of 33 exhibiting artists. The winner of the £10,000 Valeria Sykes Award was Liverpool based artist Josie Jenkins. More information including exhibition opening times can be found here.

It was a great night, I met some interesting people and I am really pleased to have been shortlisted – winning a prize is fantastic! I would like to congratulate all the contributing artists, prize winners and the organisers New Lights on putting together such a diverse and impressive show. I very much look forward to spending a few days at Swinton Park and exhibiting my work there.

Elegy for our times

My current work is concerned with memory and power relationships. We live in a world of ephemeral, disposable images; where meanings are fluid and un-fixed. The media is constantly vying for our attention; television news relays and re-loops the same footage over and over reinforcing a particular version of events, so much of what we take to be the truth. It is often impossible to make sense of what is actually going on.


In these paintings the aim was to focus in on a fleeting moment and transform it, offering perhaps a glimpse of a wider truth. By isolating and removing an image from its original context, it is imbued with other layers of meaning.

It was an interesting time to be in London: it felt very much like, for a short period, a veil had been lifted – it was very surreal. I could walk around amongst the tourists and visitors – perhaps oblivious to the events of the previous night, photographing and documenting the scene before it was all hastily scrubbed and cleaned up – ‘normality’ resumed.



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