Petition to save the Berlin Wall East Side Gallery

Here is some footage I shot in Friedrichshain and surrounding areas when I was in Berlin last year. In the first part you can see a long stretch of what remains of the Berlin Wall, now a vast open air gallery known as the East Side Gallery.

Click here if the embedded video doesn’t play.

It is such a unique and thriving area of the city with its cafes, beach bars and clubs but with new development this is all under threat.  Many of the locals we talked to were concerned about the devastating impact the plans to create a new ‘media city’ – with its attendent hotel chains and up market restaurants, will have on small businesses and the general culture of the area. The current uproar over plans to pull down one of the last remaining sections of the Berlin Wall, known as the East Side Gallery is only one small part of it.

The campaign to save it is now well underway with lots of coverage in the international media (see below) and you can sign the petition by clicking the link here.

As the writing on the wall says “Kreuzberg Bleibt” – “Kreuzberg Stays”.


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